SC FOSFOSTAR SA main activity domain is the manufacturing of chemical products. Specialized in inorganic chemicals, our company is activating for 20 years on the Romanian market.

Founded in 1996 by the experts of the R&D department from the former leader producer of fertilizers, the Combinatul de Ingrasăminte  Chimice Valea Calugarescă, FOSFOSTAR SA is producing solutions for the treatment of metallic parts and industrial installations, water treatment products, thermal installations cleaning and descaling products, fertilizers, products needed by the food industry, wood treatment solutions, household and industrial detergents and other inorganic products.

FOSFOSTAR is in possession of vital know-how in the study research, development and production of solutions for the treatment of metallic surfaces. FOSFOSTAR is the only Romanian-capital company manufacturing this type of product on the local market.

Another defining competence for FOSFOSTAR is the R&D expertise. We are not only producers but also creators of solutions, as our decades of specialty research makes our services stand out on the Romanian market. is The FOSFOSTAR chemical scientists are able to design and develop customized solutions for each industry, as well as reliable consulting in the successful daily implementation of the clients’ specific work requirements.

FOSFOSTAR is certified ISO 9001.

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