colaj scris - CopyFOSFOSTAR supplies over 100 products for the following industries:

  • Wood processing: products for wood treatment and fireproofing

Ammonium poliphosphate, urea phosphate

  • Food industry: meat and cheese processing

Disodium and trisodium phosphate, disodium and tetrasodium diphosphate, pentasodium triphosphate, sodium polyphosphate

  • Bread industry : bread leavening agents

Dicalcium phosphate

  • Agriculture : fertilizers, customized per type of culture

Concentrate superphosphate, diammonium phosphate, superfosfat concentrat , NPK fertilizers, urea phosphate, liquid fertilizers, fertilizers with fungicide action

  • Agriculture: products used in the preparation of farm animals feeding

Phosphates with microelements, dicalcium phosphate – special for animal feeding

  • Chemical Detergents industry : industrial and household detergents solid and liquid, descaling and degreasing products, window detergents, cleaning powder
  • Water treatment and thermal installations maintenance: water treatment solutions, cleaning and descaling solutions for thermal installations, complexing agents, corrosion inhibitors, tri-sodium phosphate, etc.
  • Metallic surfaces treatment: one of FOSFOSTAR’s area of excellence, the manufacturing of salts for the treatment of metallic surfaces results in a complete range of solutions that cover all phases of the treatment process: degreasing, pickling, phosphating, passivation.

20  types of degreasing solutions, 10 types of pickling agents,  24 types of phosphating solutions, 5 types of passivation

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